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The quick answer is YES, we do have property available in Spain and North Cyprus...we just need to know what it is you're looking for and we'll be right on the trail for you...
An interesting fact about Spain and North Cyprus Real Estate Markets, is that the agents collaborate for the good of both the vendors and buyers.
This means you can have one point of contact to deal with every little detail for you, whilst we can leave no stone unturned in our quest for your ideal property.
We can ask all the other agents working in the area if they have properties that could suit your needs, and it won't cost you a cent or a penny more - the same commissions are shared equally between the agents so everyone is happy at the end!
There is one strict rule we all abide to, to enable and control this process;
The Registration Process
1. We check with the other agents that they haven't already had direct contact with you and therefore will be willing to collaborate in helping us with your search.
2. We submit your search requirements to them and they respond with any suitable and available properties that we can then forward on to you.
3. If you wish to view any of these properties, we shall accompany you and the other agent on the viewing.
4. If you wish to make an offer on the property, you contact us and we pass it on to the agent, to pass on to the vendor.
It is imperative that we all adhere to this procedure to avoid conflicting claims to commissions and so, if you are browsing properties online, instead of contacting directly, you would send the links to us to organise the collaboration first, and also see if that agent also has other properties that could be perfect for you. This process enables us to help in all aspects and verify the property status before you enter into any agreement with people you do not know.

So, if you are free to be anywhere with a good internet connection and can still control your business, we have the perfect location waiting for you...
Drop your details below and we'll get straight back to you to organise a zoom call where we can answer all your questions and even show you some properties.


Buy Property with Living the Dream:

  • New Build and Pre-Owned Mediterranean Properties in Spain & North Cyprus
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Top Class Healthcare Services
  • North Cyprus is Officially one of the safest countries in the world
  • Spain is the Hottest Country in Europe
  • Prices in North Cyprus start around $55,000.00 and can even be paid in Crypto!
We look forward to being part of the next step to your new life.
Welcome to Living the Dream...